The Micromouse (Micromice?) That Roared

It took a while, but we were finally able to pull together all the photos we took at the 26th All Japan Micromouse contest, sort through them, toss out the obvious bloopers (no need to embarrass our cameraman), and upload them.

Last year all the robots were lined up on a table for viewing before the competition, and had tags so they were easily identifiable. Unfortunately this year the space was a lot more crowded, there were no tags, and lots of people crowded around the table trying to get photos - often with just their cell phone cameras. As a result, we feel like we should apologize for the quality of the photos not being up to our usual standards. We'll try to do better next time.

There are quite a few photos in our online album (see link below), but here are a few of our personal favorites-

   Hey - it was a 'micromouse' contest after all.

   MIN4A - ran in under six seconds on the first day, and almost as well during the final. Captured second place.

   The MIT micromouse designed by David Otten and his team. The black cylinder is a fan to improve traction at high speed. David talks about it in his video interview.

   I'm sure some of you will be going over photos like this one in great and gory detail.

   An absolutely beautiful piece of engineering and design - even standing still.

   Oh, yeah - he put in a special guest appearance too. Unfortunately, he refused to sign any autographs. All he did was run around eating little food pellets and chasing monsters.

 The file-naming for images in the gallery is MMdayxyyy where MM= micromouse, day1 = the first day, day2 = the second day, and yyy is the image sequence number.

There are also some other odd photos in the gallery - like more of Mr. Pacman, some of the Micro-Bantha robot, and something that looks like a wooly mammoth robot.

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3 thoughts on “The Micromouse (Micromice?) That Roared

  1. How about putting a shortcut to the “photo gallary” in the “SHORTCUTS” list?

  2. hi.
    can u plaease send me a simulator for making micromouse using 8085 assembly language….
    i will be very thank ful for that..

  3. Hey can anybody help me for getting a plastic maze

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