Sprocket Lands A Viper

My mother always taught me never to go to the grocery store before I ate. If you walk into the grocery hungry, you're going to walk out with a full shopping cart, and an empty wallet. I guess that Sprocket2cog missed that lesson, because yesterday our perpetually robot hungry friend walked into a Dick Smith electronics store and . . .

Yeap, you guessed it. Sprocket2cog found one of the brand new Viper robot systems from Microbric! He sent us a couple of great photos of the happy moment-

   The new kit with really nice packaging - a cut above what we expected.

   Sprocket2cog captured in the act.

He's started to document his observations and experiences with the Viper on his blog (see link below), and from his posts so far, it sounds great. He's making comments like-

"The blue punch out boards are a delight over the normal color kits, and the alloy look wheels give it that real "im a serious robot look, it will be fun to see how fast it goes."

"With advanced projects featured much like mindstorms on the back of the box its safe to assume that these kits are aimed at the higher end robotics people first followed by the schools and kids into gadgets."

Given his long history creating neat robot hacks, we're really anxious to see what he does with the Viper.

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