Run Robot Run! (Video)

We’ve all watched the Robo-One battle robot competitions and seen how often they seem to lose their footing and keel over. They couldn’t possibly do anything more than just a poor imitation of walking – or could they?

It turns out that some of them, at least the more advanced Robo-One designs, can not only walk, they can also sprint. At the November RoboPro Athlete meet in Japan, OmniZero 2 managed to sprint the 3 meter race distance in a lightening fast 5.49 seconds. You don’t have to take our word for it, the Robot-Fan website has posted a video of the event (see link below).

  OmniZero 2 making tracks down the course

   The competitor on the left fell right at the start, while the competitor on the right had difficulty also

OmniZero 2 is the most recent in a long line of bipedal robots developed by Maeda-san starting with Omnihead in August, 2002, and evolving through quite a few different walking robots over the years. His robots have consistently done well in the Robo-One contests.  

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