Robot Autopsy

Halloween evening, 1998. A robot named Toh-Loo-Ka experiences what appears to be a sudden mental and physical breakdown followed quickly by its totally unexpected death. Toh-Loo-Ka is only three days old. The authorities call for a full autopsy. The results are shocking. . .

  Toh-Loo-Ka on ice awaiting its autopsy 

Toh-Loo-Ka's owner performed the most detailed, well documented, and often humorous robot investigation we have ever seen.

The robot website (see link below) contains six separate sections that explain how the robot was skinned and disassembled, the internal mechanisms, the electronics, strategies for hacking a Furby, what is and probably isn't possible in the way of hacking, how to change a white Furby into a blue one (or pink, green, or your own favorite color), and much, much more.

 The amount of detail, photos and documentation in Toh-Loo-Ka's autopsy report is amazing 

Toh-Loo-Ka didn't live in vain. If nothing else, its disassembly set a great example for all the robot hackers out there trying to modify their Robosapien V2's, Roboraptors, Robopets, and even Elmo's.

It's not enough to make a post saying "Hey man, I moved the robot's batteries from his feet into his arm and now he rocks!" That's a kindergarten playground boast. If you want to earn your hacker chops, you have to show other people how your hack is done so they can think about trying it or something similar themselves.

Check out the "Furby Autopsy" site. It's a kick!

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