Robo-One Battle Robots – The Great Majingaa (Video)

Among the current generation of Robo-One Battle Robots, the most outstanding competitor, far and away, is The Great Majingaa. He's won numerous competitions and trophies during the year. And, to top it all off, he totally dominated the year-end Robo-One Grand Prix event.

In rapid 1, 2, 3 order he quickly defeated Omnizero, then Arichyon, and then put away Dynamizer in the final 1:1 match of the day.

  Left to right: Majingaa vs Omnizero, Arichyon, and Dynamizer

The video also includes some scenes from the robot pit area between matches- 

A few observations from watching the competition in person:

Majingaa (more correctly his operator) changes his strategy quite a bit based on who he's up against. Against one opponent he will swing his arms wildly trying to knock them off balance. Against someone else he tries to squat down as low as possible. Sometimes he tries to fall over on top of the opponent. His designer and operator have probably spent countless hours studying all the competitors strengths and weaknesses.

Image00600When we first saw the Majingaa control harness almost a year ago it appeared to only control some moves. The latest photos and videos show that the operator has video game type controls in each hand. At times that's all he uses, and resorts to swinging his arms and twisting his body only when it would be most effective.

All the competitors put in a tremendous amount of time and effort. The stress must really be intense. In the relatively small world of competitive robotics, they are the rock stars of the moment.

Some of the competitors have created new, really unique moves in an attempt to surprise and beat their opponent. For example, Dynamizer in the final match was executing perfect flips sending his body up in the air and turning head over heels.


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