Robonova – Up Close & Personal (Video)

We happen to think that the new Robonova bipedal robot is 'way cool', so when we accidentally had the opportunity to catch one up close and personal, we jumped at the chance. Thankfully we had the good sense to have our camera along and recorded it all on video.

We know, we've said it before and you probably don't want to hear it again, but the Robonova really rocks. Of course the basic design is KHR-1 based, but there the similarity stops. The new design has been executed with minute attention to detail. The brackets, the finish, the 'look' - they all resemble a top of the line sports car.

And, under the hood, it packs 16 of the specially developed Hitec 'Digital Robot Servo Motors' (HSR-8498HB). Imagine that! They actually have digital servo motors specifically designed for robot use. That's a huge step up from trying to adapt hobby servos that were intended to control R/C cars or model planes.

The most impressive thing, at least in our opinion, is the robot's smooth and effortless movements. The first generation Robo-One designs were great, but all too often they looked like they were about to have a nervous breakdown. Their arms and legs would start shaking, or they would unexpectedly jerk back and forth. Robonova, in comparison, isn't just a minor improvement - it's a light-year jump ahead.


2 thoughts on “Robonova – Up Close & Personal (Video)

  1. Hey, with devices like this that seem not-quite spineless we now have a substitute for the puppets the US government has traditionally propped up in small countries all over the world. The future of the empire is in Hitech.

  2. These RoboOne robots are just amazing. Its so awesome that you can actually buy one of these now in kit form. Im not the best programer and to know that Robonova-1 can be programed by “physically move the robot into any position (like Stop-and-Go or Claymation photography) and click the mouse to “capture” that position.” Then the software links these “captured” positions. Thats just sweet.

    Great move going with custom built servos from Hitec for this application. It looks to really payoff with fluid and smooth movement.

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