Pino Was A Pop Star

One of our favorite robots, Pino, starred in a music video with Hikari Utada a few years ago. The song, “Can You Keep A Secret?” was extremely popular in Japan, and eventually they released the music video on DVD.

Obviously some fan managed to convert the DVD and post it on the internet. The music video (see link below) is about 5 minutes long, and very entertaining – even if you don’t understand a word of Japanese. I’m not going to spoil the surprise by telling you the ending, but it is worth the wait.




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2 thoughts on “Pino Was A Pop Star

  1. i no this only relates to this post in a round about way but…as you all like pino…i recently rescued one from a carboot it is in good working order except it wont walk ..i fear the worst..that it is broke ..any ideas where i could get it fixed…ive grown attached to it now and would like it in full working order.

  2. dan, you know he has to be 2 years old before he will walk right?
    head + left hand > 3 sec’s = grows up a year

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