Nuvo Goes To College (Video)

Since we really liked the Pino robot, and have been impressed by Nuvo, we stopped by the ZMP exhibit at IREX-2005 to see the new e-nuvo ver.2 ‘Bipedal Walking Robot Study Material' and hear what it’s all about. We weren’t disappointed.

First, here’s a short video clip of the e-nuvo2 marching in place:

The e-nuvo2 package is setup as study material for classes in bipedal robotics. We need to mention up front that there is one disclaimer mentioned in the promotional literature-

“Text book is currently only available in Japanese. English version includes 80 pages user’s manual”

The use of the word “currently” seems to indicate that they have plans to have it translated – which we, personally, think would be great since there are lots of robots students outside of Japan that could really benefit from access to e-nuvo2.

The robot itself is based on the popular nuvo robot and it’s predecessor – Pino. It’s just over 30 cm tall, has 12 degrees of freedom, and sports 4 distributed cpu’s. ZMP is also offering optional sensor modules including a gyro and acceleration sensor which would be really useful for any advanced robotics studies.

The motors have been specially designed for enuvo2 with high torque, high speed, and very low backlash which is one reason why enuvo2, and nuvo, exhibit such graceful motion compared to the servo motor based designs.

The supporting text and course-ware (in Japanese) is intended as a 15 day course covering everything from an introduction to humanoid robotics, coordinate transformations, electronic circuits, feedback control, the overall e-nuvo2 system and motion files, PINO API functionality that enables you to connect your own programs written in C++, and the static walking algorithm.

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