Not Micromouse, It's Micro-Bantha! (Video)


Most of us really struggle to get a robot to do simple things, like move in a straight line, or take a 90 degree turn. Yet, there are some experienced robot designers that can make a robot do very unexpected and delightful things.

This particular entry in the All Japan Micromouse Contest, demonstrates that extremely well. Who would ever dream of a micromouse designed after the Star Wars Bantha beast of burden?

Well, that’s exactly what some enterprising Japanese designer did – and they did a great job of making it all work within the rules and spirit of the contest. 


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  1. What a great site you have, I never seen so many robots from basic things like this post (Micromouse) to some much more advanced robots and gadgets…nice well done.

  2. Man Micro-Bantha seems to navigate very well within the tight space of the maze. A very impressive walker in my opinion.

  3. Dread Pirate Robots

    Cool! Now all we gotta do is hook up some wicked lasers and we’ll be good to go! Awesome design.

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