My Robot's Got Some Bugs (Video)

Or, more correctly, my robot is some bugs. Every year at the All Japan Micromouse Contest there are also several other different robot contests. Micromouse is the ‘main event’, but you can also see (and compete in) line trace, micromouse sprint and other contests. And then there’s the bug robots. . .

Okay, so they’re not really robot ‘bugs’, they just look and act like them. And I was always taught that if something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck – it’s a duck and don’t let anyone try to convince you it’s not. In that sense, the WonderBorg robots are definitely robot bugs. Pretty cool robot bugs – you might even say ‘cute’, but bugs nevertheless. See for yourself:

Young Japanese kids put them together, program them (see link below), and then see who’s bot can climb up and over the low steps, avoid the brick walls, and make it to the finish.

WonderBorg is a six legged autonomous walking robot sold in kit form and programmed using the WonderSwan game system or a PC. It has infrared, touch, light, floor, step, interclock, and light pheromone sensors.

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