Monkey Escapes!

When Sprocket2cog first mentioned it, I shrugged it off. And when Robert told wrote to me about his new robot Chimpanzee head, I just didn't get it - meaning I couldn't grok what they could possibly find so interesting in a disembodied monkey head. Then this afternoon I happened to find a video clip featuring the Chimpanzee head from Sharper Image...

Wow! I'm a believer. This piece of robotic FX is absolutely awesome - and spooky at the same time. This definitely goes in the 'weird and wonderful' robot category.

I'm almost afraid to order one because the customs officials here are likely to put it into animal quarantine. Take a look-

What do you think? Let us know.


One thought on “Monkey Escapes!

  1. I have seen remarkably lifelife rubber masks of GWB. I think one could be custom-fit over this device rather easily.

    I understand the State of the Union address is coming up soon.

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