Micromouse Video Up Online

Just a quick note for the micromouse fanatics that happen to read this blog. The Japanese Robot-Fan website just put the original video of BR3 - the winner of the Expert class competition - online. We've included a rough translation of the webpage author's comments about BR3's victory along with instructions on accessing the video.

To view the video online, just use the link below. If you are a serious micromouser, you will probably want to download and analyze the video frame by frame. You can download it by looking for this part of the Robot-Fan webpage-

   This is what to look for on the Robot-Fan webpage.

Then using the blue link, do the normal right mouse click/save routine.

The Japanese comments at the bottom of the page basically say-

"BR3's search run went wrong twice, then the mouse settings were changed and the 3rd run was attempted successfully. After reaching the goal, BR3 searched the rest of the maze completely then returned to the start point. Even though there were only 30 seconds left on the clock, he didn't show any signs of being nervous or impatient. The robot's tires were cleaned carefully. The final run started with only 10 seconds left. The mouse ran so fast it was too quick to follow with the camera. Even though the first two runs failed, he persisted and won the title. He was smart."

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One thought on “Micromouse Video Up Online

  1. Excellent stuff. Thank goodness for your translation. I struggle along with google’s translator which now appears to select words at random just to fill the page.

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