Mark Tilden On The Gadget Show

Mark Tilden, the father of the Robosapien, Robosapien V2, Roboraptor, and Robopet was interviewed by The Gadget Show - a great technology television program broadcast in the UK. But viewers outside of the UK weren't able to watch, but dedicated Robosapien fans  never let a little problem like that stand in their way. . .

Somehow - and we really don't want to ask how - as soon as the word got out that Mark was scheduled to appear, some of the folks on the Unofficial Robosapien Hacks and Mods forum (see links below) were on the lookout, worked their magic, and within the past few hours a downloadable video of the 5 minute segment was posted by Knitsu - probably the most well known Robosapien hacker around.

  Mark showing off the V2 and his gang

Mark's segment, like all The Gadget Show segments, was extremely well done. They even managed to coax Mark (it doesn't take much) into talking about the future generations of Robosapiens. Although we had the feeling that he was only joking about building one huge enough to intimidate Godzilla, he seemed totally serious about his plans to market a human size version - perhaps Robosapien V5? 

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2 thoughts on “Mark Tilden On The Gadget Show

  1. Users can download the video here ===> link to

    thanks alot for posting info about me, means alot… I dont find myself to be the most well known hacker around…. my hacks have being kept silently due to restrictions with Solarbotics…. but dont worry Fans.. I will have great video’s comic’s , contests, and keep up with other users hacks and give my advice…

    I am working on a few hacks, but this X-mas season I have being kept really busy with work and family…..

    Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying their Wow Wee products :-)

    thanks alot!!!!
    it’s being a dream to be on robots-dreams 😉

  2. I bought a floor model yesterday because it was the only black one left, and that’s what was on my boy’s x-mas list….The Discovery store told me I could download the directions from, but they were wrong. Any suggestions?!!!

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