Fun Stuff: A Different Kind of 'Robot'

We've written about "Paperformers" before, but Christmas is less than a week away and we know that lots of adult robot fanatics fans are going to be spending hours and hours of free time with their pre-school and elementary school age kids during the holiday break. We think the 'toys' are incredibly cute, fun to build, and enable a lot of sharing between parents and their children.

The Cosmic Rust website has a huge number of downloadable Paperformers designs. Just like 3-D paper dolls - only they're robots (and other strange and wonderful characters). The files are in pdf format. You download the ones you want to build, print them out on your color printer, then cut out and assemble them with your kids (or by yourself - we won't tell anyone.) Family projects like this are great for developing small motor skills, coordination, spatial thinking, and an interest in robotics. Besides, they are just plain fun to put together and play with.

And, if you're really creative, and enjoy a good challenge, why not use the basic Paperformers concept to design your own paper robot creations? How about a Robosapien V2 as a paper robot? Or, why not a paper Roboraptor? If you do try it, then send us a photo or two - we'd love to post some of them so all of our readers could enjoy them.

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