Doing "Figure-8's" Robo-One Style

We were pretty surprised, and pleased, when OmniZero2, one of the top Robo-One/Robo-Pro type biped battle robots managed to win a 3 meter sprint race a few weeks ago. Now it seems like the 'performance race' is on, and everyone is trying to make dramatic improvements in their robots. Earlier today the Robot-Fan website posted a video of Yokozuna Great running around a figure-8 track.

Although a lot of the first generation KHR-1 platform designs seemed jittery and somewhat unstable, the latest version of Yokozuna Great appears to be rock solid. During his trip around the pylons he didn't seem to hesitate or backup and was extremely focused on reaching the goal in record time.

All of that dedication and focus must have been worth it, because he completed the course in a surprisingly quick 38 seconds. The video is streamed on the website (see link to the video below.)  

  Yokozuna Great running around the pylons in a figure-8

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