Christmas Present For Micromouse Fans (Video)

For a lot of readers this post is going to be a ‘so-what?’, but for devoted micromouse fans this will be a rare treat. Ng Beng Kiat’s MIN4A micromouse has been captured on slow motion video doing one if it’s incredibly fast runs through the competition maze.


Screenshots from MIN4As lightening fast speed run

During the Tokyo competition, MIN4A raced through the maze so fast that the video camera operators couldn’t keep up with it. But thankfully, the folks at the Japanese did manage the trick. And, they also took the time to put together a slow motion video clip (see link below).

Ng Beng Kiat, from Singapore, has been a consistent winner or at least top placer in the annual Japan competitions. This year (2005), he managed to totally out do himself by turning maze run times of just over 5 seconds in the preliminary contests. MIN4A is absolutely amazing and seems to just fly through the maze like a Star Wars land speeder. And, when you see the run in slow motion it’s obvious how MIN4A stays centered and on course even when making a 135 degree turn at high speed.

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  1. i wana circuit diagram and program for making “MICRO MOUSE”. plase HELP me………

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