Award Winning Robo News Features Robosapien! (Video)

Kelvin Read produced and directed a really entertaining Robo News video featuring Robosapien and his pals. The video was so good that it ended up winning the Sapien-Nation Video contest. The Robo News video (included below) is a load of laughs. There are even some subtle touches of humor, like Robosapien’s classic newscaster tie.

  Robo-caster gets wild and crazy with the news.


 Robo News segments include Robo-Entertainment, Robo-Medicine, Robo-Sports, Robo-Weather, and even a bit of G-rated Robo-Love!

Here’s the Robo News video via

Just by way of background, Kelvin is the nephew of Carl Read the publisher of the always interesting and entertaining Robosaps blog. We suspect, though we have no way to prove it, that the object of Roboraptors lust is Carls unusually intelligent cat.

The Grand Prize for the Sapien-Nation video contest was a Robosapien V2 personally autographed by Mark Tilden. We can hardly wait to see what Kelvin and his video production crew can do once they get their hands on the V2.

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Robosaps Blog – Great Robosapien/Roboraptor/Robopet blog hosted by Carl Read

Sapien-Nation Website – New Robosapien website (still in beta) by Knitsu. If it turns out to be as good as Knitsu’s previous efforts it should be extremely popular with Robosapien hackers


3 thoughts on “Award Winning Robo News Features Robosapien! (Video)

  1. Interesting cat speculation, but completely wrong! My intelligent cat’s name is Nemo, while it’s Jess in The News! :-)

    Thanks for the big writeup!

  2. Excelleny Video. You should submit his to they are a cable station on comcast and many other cable networks. They pay you if they use it on the air. I have a TV show here in Pittsburgh. So I can tell you they will show it. check out their web site and post it. The world should see this very entertain Robo News!…Excellent!!

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