Asimo In Action (Video)

In addition to showing off the latest Asimo to the press here in Japan on Tuesday, Honda also uploaded a brand new set of videos to their HDTV website (see link below) that really show off what Asimo is capable of . . .


The latest videos clearly demonstrate Asimo running twice as fast as last year, cornering while running (an amazing advance), slaloming, turning in place, and doing more pedestrian tasks like pushing an office cart and delivering a tray (green tea anyone?).

There are also videos of Asimo from December 2004, so it's easy to make performance comparisons and appreciate how much Asimo has improved over the past year.

In spite of our somewhat cynical comments about Honda's long term plans for Asimo, we are really impressed by the robot and only hope that Honda will give it something more useful to do than delivering the mail or serving tea.

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