Around The Web – 12/9/2005

RoboSavvy reports that as of December 8th they are selling the new RoboNova humanoid robot, and promise shipping will start in one week.

Full disclosure statement: I am not associated with Hitec, Robonova, or Robosavvy in any way - I just love the robot, have played with it at exhibitions here in Japan, and am dying to take one home with me.

According to their website, they are limited to shipping to UK customers, though shipments will originate "... from within Europe." It's pure speculation, but it might mean that Hitec is in the process of setting up a European distribution/support center.

RoboSavvy, if you're not already familar with the company, has been selling and supporting the Kondo KHR-1 robot line for a little over a year. Their website (see link below) is a real treasure house of English language material, instructions, and other information on the Kondo robots. We're looking forward to the same high quality of information and support for the Robonova.

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