Another Robot In The Sumii Family!

The Sumii family – father, mother, and daughter – have been involved in Robo-One competitions since the very beginning. Their most famous robots are ARIUS and Arichyon, but they also designed and built a series of other robots. Quite frankly, we’ve lost track of how many robots this amazing family actually has. Now it turns out they have given birth to a brand new robot. . .

  Sumii Family at the Spring 2005 Robo-One Competition
  Left: ARIUS  Right: Arichyon

The newborn robot is a Robonova, built by the daughter in the family. Since the Sumii’s have won numerous Robo-One competitions, and they always add lots of creative touches, we can hardly wait to see how they enhance it. Some of the Sumii robots in the past have included servo controlled “noses” that allow the robot to punch while keeping the opponent at a safe distance, and the sword like extensions the mother has added to her robots.


The Sumii family robots always stand out from the others, not only from a design and functional perspective, but also because they always have a unique “style” and personality. The robot they dressed up like Santa for the year-end Robo-One contest is just one example.

The Robonova birth has really captured the attention of the whole family, and Mr. Sumii says on their website that he thinks he will build one himself. That would certainly take the Robo-One competitions to the next level.

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