A Site To Behold – Robosapien V2 Hacks

The Robosapien V2 robot didn't start shipping in any quantity until just before Thanksgiving. Up until then most of the available information was pure speculation. But as soon as some of the dedicated hackers managed to get their hands on the early units the puzzle pieces started to come together.

People immediately started disassembling and modding their robots, and some of them took the time to document what they found to share with others and expand the pool of knowledge. Traffic on the popular discussion forums picked up, and almost overnight we began to get a real appreciation for the internal workings and hack-ability of the latest Robosapien.


A excellent example is the Robosapien V2 website put together by Nocturnal at Verbicide.com (see link below). He (she?) provides very detailed diagrams showing the external and internal Robosapien V2 robot sensors. The circuit board diagrams include labels for each of the cables/functions. There's a good description of his findings, and he clearly indicates when he is guessing at something. There is also a discussion of several simple hacks to the eyes, tilt sensors, and power switch.

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