A Not So Simple Challenge

Okay, Santa came, left the presents under the tree, and vanished up the chimney. You've unwrapped your new robot, installed a boat load of batteries, fumbled with the remote control, and finally managed to get it to perform well enough to wow and amaze your friends. So, what's next? Are you ready to try a real challenge?

First let us point out that we don't have a Robosapien V2 robot yet, and we don't even know if this challenge can be accomplished with one - though we think it might be possible. However, we do know that the Robo-One bipedal robots can do it, and we've included links to a video of a couple of them performing at the end of this post.

Here's the challenge-

  • Setup a bulls-eye target on the wall
  • Position your robot about 3 feet in front of the target
  • Turn your robot so that it's facing away from the target
  • Put a small ball where your robot can pick it up
  • Have your robot pick up the ball, turn around, and throw the ball at the target

Here's what it looks like when OmniZero does it -

  Picking up the ball

  Turn around to face the target

  Get positioned


  And throw!

Anybody want to try this one?

We're so curious to see whether a Robosapien V2 can do it or not, that we'll come up with a special prize for the first one that sends us a link to a video of their V2 doing it and hitting the target successfully. We're not going to be too picky about the target or ball size, or the distance from the target - as long as you don't position your robot right next to the target.

If you don't have a website or a way to host video clips, then create a free account on youtube.com and upload your video there, then send us the link.

Related links:

Ball Throw - webpage with streaming video clip - via robot-fan.net

http://www.youtube.com - free video hosting/sharing website 


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