10 Robosapien V2 Secrets Revealed

Every good robot has a few secrets. The original Robosapien had quite a few, and discovering them kept hackers busy for months. Now Mark Tilden, via Knitsu, has revealed a few of the Robosapien V2 secrets. . .


Some of the secrets (see full list via link below) are kind of cute, if a little simple - like secret #8 which reveals where to park the V2 remote control when you're not playing with him. Or secret #4 that explains that a piece of tape will muffle the V2's speaker so you can use him late at night without disturbing the rest of the family.

Other "secrets" get pretty technical and complex. So complex that I'm not sure that I totally understand them yet. For example:

"... in PROGRAM MODE the motions of all motor functions move proportionally to the number of transmitted pulses from the TX.  If you hold the right joystick, you'll see the multicolor LED flash about 4 times a second. For something like the shoulder action you have to hold this for seven pulses to hit the limit."

I'm sure that's really neat, and has major implications, if and when I can figure out what it means. But that's okay. It took me a while to figure out how to make the original Robosapien really rock 'n roll.

There's also an interesting comment about the V2's hand strength. Apparently Mark wanted to make the grip strong enough to carry full soft drink (or beer?) cans, but detuned the design when they realized that a grip that strong might be capable of inflicting damage or injury on unsuspecting carbon units.

If you're the proud owner of a Robosapien V2, or even if you're just considering buying one, it's well worth the time to check out the list of secrets.

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5 thoughts on “10 Robosapien V2 Secrets Revealed

  1. HE HE HE.. thats the stuff I like to see, the v2`s programing function seems to be a overlooked area of the v2 and its hackability, with out hacking so to speak, the above has some real implications in creating complex macros as you only have a set amount of slots to add motion points (to coin a phrase) so if the rsv2 animations and demos feature a full range of motion that you want to use, its better in terms of user defined actions and the space to store them to use subroutines or animations.
    Im working on this now so some of these secrets are really interesting. more on my blog.

  2. Hi
    Is there any mods for the RSv2 so i can add a USB port and maybe reprogram the unit?
    Thanks in advance

  3. Bruce,
    There are a couple good Robosapien hack sites/forums on the internet that would probably have someone that could give you specifics. From my own experience with the WowWee bots I would have to say what you want to do with the V2 would be quite a challenge, but I would certainly be happy to be proven wrong.

  4. “The vision system is a 56mHz DSP doing all the color-blob image processing. It has a USB port.”
    where is the usb port? (if it really has one)

    1. The closest thing I could find to a USB port was 4 pins with nothing connected to them. They are on the ( with the robot facing the same direction you are) back-left of the horizontal board connected to the board with the camera ( the horizontal board has a large square i.c.)

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