Zapped By A Raptor

How fast can a raptor run?

Apparently the answer is at the speed of light, or pretty darn close to it! That was demonstrated to us this Friday afternoon when a raptorlicious idea zipped from the US to Japan, out on to the internet, down to Australia, back out on to the internet, and back to Japan to hit us full in the face!

It all started late in the afternoon when we happened to be exchanging messages with some really devoted combat robot developers in the States. They were kind enough to point us to a new Frappr based Combat Robot Builders Map, which was so impressive that we immediately posted about it on this blog. We made a mental note to look into it further, but didn’t have enough time to really give it any serious thought. Besides, our minds were on the fast approaching weekend.

We finished work, took the bus home, had a short dinner, and then logged onto the computer.


There it was – bigger than life – staring us right in the face. Our friend, fellow robo-hacker, and primo robot dismantler Sprocket2cog knew a good thing when he saw it (much quicker than we did), and jumped at the chance. He, bless his little robotic heart, had almost instantaneously created the World Wide Raptor Battles Map dedicated to hackers of the Roboraptor and other R-Sapien robots designed by Mark Tilden.


There aren’t many members plotted on the map – yet. But there soon will be. Actually, right now (Friday evening, Japan time), it’s only sprocket2cog and tempusmaster.


So, race right over to the new map, pop in your handle-name, photo, location, and a shout-out to tell everyone what you’re all about. This is your chance to show off, do a little bragging, and let the world know about your robot work – or just your ambitions and future plans. Jump on in, the water’s fine.

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3 thoughts on “Zapped By A Raptor

  1. glad I could help out, sorry dude if i splashed the water too deep !
    Its just hey this could work well for the community and like you said, great idea and as it didnt seem like the site was tilden based it was like hey now theres an idea. we did a similar map for the mindstorms forums as well but before google maps.
    thanks for the positive feedback and Im sure I can find something to give back in return.:)
    its no good closing the gate after the raptors run.-COG
    oh and after 12 hours we are at 5 members now.”keep on coming”

  2. Fun, and possibly even useful! (I’m not a hacker, which is the only reason I’ve not added myself.)

    I note it doesn’t turn up if you search Frappr for “robot”. Maybe sprocket2cog should massage the group’s description to include “robot” in it so it would?

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