Who Says Hackers Are One Sided?

Hackers, nerds, otaku, and other folks that have a passionate, almost obsessive love of technology and what can be done with it, have developed an undeserved reputation for being one sided, withdrawn, and poor at communication. Fortunately, that reputation is not based on the real world, as we know it.

Robot hackers can be poets too.

Here's a good example. Sprocket2cog, a really creative Roboraptor hacker who earned his stripes in the Lego Mindstorms world, is also a very talented graphic artist, webpage designer, and has a hidden talent at creating poetry.

A few days ago, in response to one of our posts, he replied with a comment that included this wonderful little limerick of his own creation:

There once was a man called Mark Tilden,
Who built little robots,then killed them.
One day they found out,
What Mark was about,
So they carried him off to rebuild him.

Truly superb! Frankly we were awe-struck, and just a little bit jealous. Now we're wondering what other hidden talents exist out there in robot hackerdom.

So, if you have a poem, a graphic, a robot rapp lyric, or even a short robot related short story you would like to share with the world, let us know. Assuming that it lies within the bounds of reasonable taste (no really crude or XXX stuff please), then we will feature it here along with whatever brief bio and background information you want to include.

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