VEX Makes The Holiday Gift Guide

Our guess is that there will be a whole bunch of really happy robot experimenters come Christmas morning. Engadget – the top internet source for ‘gadget’ buzz about the latest and greatest technology widgets – selected the VEX Robotics Starter Kit for their Holiday Gift Guide list.


The Engadget review is extremely well researched and written. Although the reviewers are quite positive about the Vex system, they do point out some concerns. One significant point is the way that Vex and Radio Shack – the exclusive distribution channel for the system, have configured the required interface cable and software as an extra $$$ option. Some of the comments posted about the article also point out that the Mindstorms-like robot programming software is fine for beginners, but may run out of steam pretty quickly as the experimenter gains more experience.

Is it just me, or did the VEX folks deliberately design the control box to look like a robot’s face?

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One thought on “VEX Makes The Holiday Gift Guide

  1. One thing that bugs me about the Vex system is how their wheels connect to the servo motors via a square axle. The axle simply pulls out of the servo motor unless you add a support on the outside of the wheel to keep it in place. The end result is a lot of extra metal on your robot to compensate for a strange design flaw. I’ll try to send pictures soon.

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