Tito Walks! (Video)

A little over a week ago, we posted about Tito - the Spanish bipedal robot being developed by Ignacio Mondine. Tito was invited to strut his stuff for the November Dorkbot Madrid meeting, and they were kind enough to post a meeting report and videos of Tito in action.

Actually, we should take a moment to apologize to Mondine and Tito since in our original post we confused their names. We're still a little confused since the Dorkbot meeting report refers to "Nacho" Mondine - but at least now we are clear that Tito is the robot's name.


In any case, thanks to the efforts of Dorkbot Madrid, the videos have been posted on YouTube, and we have included playable links here: 

Video #1- 

Video #2-

Video #3-

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