The Best Robosapien V2 Videos So Far! (Video)

Scott sent in what have to be the absolute best Robosapien V2 videos we’ve seen so far. He really puts the robot through it’s paces, and also includes one clip featuring interaction between the V2 and his Robopet.

Not only is the content of the videos great, Scott also did an excellent job with the clarity, lighting, and image quality. (We won’t take any points off for the television noise in the background, since it happens a lot in our house too.) 

Here are a couple of screen shots- 

Robosapien V2 giving his Robopet commands – and the Robopet obeying for once.

Tossing a bowling pin.

Scott writes:

“I used the Kodak EasyShare DX7440.  It's a great little digital cam with video capture.  I'm a robot fan, and have always loved robots.  I'm still looking for the perfect house-robot/companion, which I'm sure will come in the next 10-20 years or so... So far I have two B9 robots (small) I-cybie with walk up charger, R2D2 interactive, RSV1 with the mini RS1, Robopet, and RSV2.  When I'm rich I want to get Aibo, and can't wait to see what else comes available.  That's me in a nutshell.”

To view Scott’s videos, click on the link below. You’ll see a window that looks like this-


You do not have to log-in or create an account to view the videos. Just look for this link towards the bottom on the right hand side-


Then enjoy the videos. There are currently 12 in the album, though Scott may be adding more later.  

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10 thoughts on “The Best Robosapien V2 Videos So Far! (Video)

  1. Psycho,

    I’m not trying to compete with anyone, the guy who wanted to post the videos was the one bragging on them, not me. He asked if he could post them here and I said sure. You are my hero when it comes to mods and programming! I wish I could afford more gadgets and stuff to mod my robots!

  2. hes bringing me jager drink
    equal to a couple beers by alch% its the one posted above also found on under “robot” /search
    i really like the Elmo mixed with rsv2 brains idea ,,would not use the elmo voice box however lol great idea

  3. hi im new to this robot thing and was wondering could two rsv2’s talk to each other. Much like he does to robopet.

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