Se Habla Roboto?

Or should that be "Se habla robota?" My high school Spanish is extremely rusty, besides, I can't figure out how to create the upside-down question marks on my computer running the Japanese release of Windows XP. Nevertheless, it is absolutely amazing how many budding robot experimenters are popping up all over the world. The most recent one that's come to our attention is Tito, a bipedal robot experimenter in Spain.

Tito, aka Ignacio Mondine, has taken on the daunting challenge of building Robo-One type robot from the ground up. And, to make it even more challenging, he's doing it using commonly available parts rather than buying one of the rather expensive Kondo robot kits. Frankly, I'm impressed, since that type of make-from-scratch approach is way beyond my limited abilities and knowledge.

Tito's blog (see link below), although somewhat sparse, does contain some interesting photos of the progress he's made with his robot design, and some of the problems he's run into. There are also a few clues sprinkled about. For example, from this image we can infer that Tito has more than a passing familiarity with the Java programming language.

Tito's done so well, that on November 10th, he was invited to present his robot creation for the monthly Dorkbot Madrid meeting. Very, very cool! I wish I could have been there.

Sidebar: Dorkbot, if you're not already familiar with it, is a really interesting group with a charter that reads "dorkbot- people doing strange things with electricity". In many ways it reminds me of the original Homebrew Computer Club meetings about 30 years ago. If things like electronic music, sculpture, weird robotic devices, tesla coils, and other wild and wonderful electric projects turn you on, then you will really appreciate Dorkbot meetings. You can get a feel for what its all about from the New York City Dorkbot "about" page that says things like-

the purpose of dorkbot-nyc is to:

  • give artists/programmers/engineers an opportunity for informal peer review
  • establish a forum for the presentation of new art works/technology/software/hardware
  • help establish relationships and foster collaboration between people with various backgrounds and interests
  • give us all a chance to see the cool things that our neighbors are working on 

while over on their FAQ, they have Q&A like this:

q: how is "dorkbot-nyc" pronounced?
a: "alligator" 

We're definitely looking forward to following Tito's robot adventures, even if we have to crank up the Babelfish translator to do it.

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Babelfish Translation webpage - very useful for exploring webpages in other languages. Google has a great translation webpage as well, but unfortunately it didn't handle Spanish to English at the time this post was written.

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