Robots Battle It Out On Television (Video)

We've mentioned before that robot battles were featured on Japanese television during prime-time, but last night while backing up a disk drive we ran across a video clip showing the way that the robot battles were promoted here - complete with dramatic action, robots breaking bricks karate style, roaring flame backgrounds, and lots of Japanese television 'talent.'

The Robot Battle Grand Prix was a featured segment, usually about 10 to 15 minutes long, on the weekly Sunday night World Records television program, and the segments ran every weekend for over a month. The basic concept was to pit nine bipedal robots - the KHR-1 Robo-One design - against each other in elimination matches until only one - the champion robot - survived to collect the grand prize. 

This two minute-plus segment is from the first broadcast and should give you a good feel for how much energy and enthusiasm they put behind promoting the competition. 


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