Robot Toys In Japan – Quanto

The most recent issue of Quanto, a Japanese monthly magazine that features the latest toys and trends, has some very interesting robots - including a few that you might already be aware of.

Here's a quick sample-

Our favorite robot dinosaur - the Roboraptor - was included in ther Happy X'Mas 2005 list of presents. Roboraptor, or more accurately 'Robosaurus' as he's known in Japan, is the first of the new WowWee robots to be marketed here.

As usual, the Japanese articles try to pack as much as possible into the space available, so in one small section the reader can get a feel for the Roboraptor size, two different interactions, the remote control, and the overall design.

A cute little robot with spinning wheels/gears where it's lungs should be. . . .

The latest transformers, which include public service vehicles like transforming fire trucks and police cars.

Paper robots - really creative and easy to replicate. No reason why they couldn't be scaled to life size....

And some 'desktop' transformer type toys that start off as a flat disk but twist into surprising robot/creature shapes.


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