Robosapien V2 Web Site Goes Live!

robosapien v2
The "Official RSV2 Web Site" went live online on Halloween Eve. Hopefully the timing is a planned, and very positive omen for all the Robosapien fans that have been patiently awaiting the V2 unveiling.

The new website follows the same format as the WowWee websites for the original Robosapien, Roboraptor, and Robopet. It includes pages for the expected news stories and press reports, two down-loadable video commercials, the requisite WowWee link, "Where to buy" and "More..." pages that are currently blank, and a Contact page.

The most interesting part of the site, assuming that you've already seen some of the V2 in action videos, is the down-loadable RSV2 manual (pdf format.) You'll find the manual link on the "About" page. It's a whopping 40 pages and will definitely take some time to digest and understand.

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One thought on “Robosapien V2 Web Site Goes Live!

  1. Thanks for the link, downloaded the manual to read before v2 arrives on our shores, maybe you will, have to drop over, to pick one up if they dont come to you soon.:)
    some very interesting hings in the pdf to say the least.

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