Robosapien V2 Sightings (Videos)

The Robosapien "army" has started to parachute into homes everywhere preparing for a massive Christmas eve invasion. Some of our field agents have managed to catch the first V2 soldiers in action on video and have filed reports.

For example, "tf2psycho" filed a couple of field RobosapienV2 sighting reports. The new video reports show the V2 that invaded their home acting like a stand-up comedian, throwing bowling pins and bottles (a beer bottle) around, giving a great belly laugh, belching (and other crude body noises), and other "Animal House" behavior. This particular V2 has a striking resemblance to a robotic mutation of John Belushi crossed with Mark Tilden.  

Robosapien V2 Performs With A Bottle 

Tossing A Bowling Pin, Making Body Noises

If you've sighted a Robosapien V2, V2, Robopet, Roboraptor, or any other robot, on camera (photos or videos) and would like file a sighting report, then let us know! We will definitely consider adding a link to your sighting in The Robot's Dreams Robot Video Directory or Robot Photo Gallery.


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