Roboraptor Makes It To Japan

We weren’t sure that any of the 2nd generation WowWee robots would make it to the store shelves here in Japan before Christmas, but as it turns out, the Roboraptor has already turned up for sale on the ToysRUs Japan website.

Last year, the original Robosapien robot was marketed in Japan as the Robosapien Huma, which was probably a good move since the Japanese consumer seems to prefer very short, easy to pronounce and remember, product names.

This time around, the Roboraptor robot has been christened “Robosaurus-TR441J”, which will probably work as well as any other name they might have picked. The product code listing, in case any of you happen to live in Japan and want to order one is-


The Robosaurus is priced at 9,999 yen – roughly comparable to US pricing. It will be interesting to watch and see how well the robot sells.


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