Roboraptor and Zoids – Separated At Birth?

Zoids came along way after I graduated from high school, struggled through college, and was busy raising my own family, but at least my children got to play with them and enjoy them. Now, many years later, I'm playing with my new Roboraptor and Robopet, and I get the strange feeling that somewhere, someplace, I've seen them before.

It's not unusual for generations to design their tools, cars, and environment in the image of the toys they grew up with. It happens all the time. Our cell phones are starting to resemble Star Trek communicators, while many of the Volkswagen cars released over the past decade look just like they drove right out of a Playskool toy commercial.

   2002 Zoid Concept Drawing - Seiran-Kai's "Vision of Zoids" 

So, it wouldn't be too surprising to find a lot of similarity between modern robot toy designs, like the Roboraptor and others, and the Zoids that the toy robot designers played with as kids. Who knows - Zoids might have been one of the primary reasons behind their obvious passion for robotics.

The next natural step, of course, is to implement some of the great robotic technology we have available now to create a line of Zoids that can actually zip around the bedroom floor, battling it out, and raising all kinds of havoc. I can hardly wait.

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