RoboArmy On The Move! Enlist Now!

The RoboArmy’s on the move! We’ve already got outposts on three continents (is Oz a continent or just a big island? I forget), and the forces are massing. The RoboArmy even has it’s own dedicated SWAT team of deep RoboHackers.


If you’re a Robosapien, Robopet, or Roboraptor fan, then the RoboArmy wants you!

Check out the RoboArmy tactical map to find a unit near you.. Share your photos, shout-out, and let the other RoboArmy members know who you are.

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RoboArmy Headquarters – General HQ and Recruiting Center

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One thought on “RoboArmy On The Move! Enlist Now!

  1. NICE work …smooth tactics…release the hanger doors Mr Tempusmaster, the invasion has begun…dont get left behind join the army now.!! Im off to do it
    Oh and I think oz is more conteinent then island, ive walked around some islands, but help me if i ever had to walk around this continent…
    LEFT ,LEFT,LEFT RIGHT…error activating third law…
    s2c weird normal.

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