Robert's Robopet Takes Direction (Video)

Given the initial difficulty we had getting our Robopet to behave, we've been watching the progress that Robert has been making with his voice control extensions to the Robosapien Dance Machine project. Although the mods aren't quite ready for public release quite yet, he has posted a fantastic video that clearly illustrates what it will be able to do.

Robert pulls off another robot coup!

Note: Robert asked that we make it clear - the Robosapien Dance Machine modifications to control the Robopet and other second generation Robosapien type robots are still being tested and have not been released yet (11/20/2005). He will make an official announcement when they are ready to go live.


Robert, the originator of the Robosapien Dance Machine (RDM), has done it again. A few days ago we reported on his project to use voice recognition to command and control the Robopet. Now, he has it up and running, and frankly - it's a wonder to behold. He speaks a command, and the Robopet almost instantly obeys. He has the poor little robot puppy eating out of his hand, rocking back and forth, doing tricks, and even smelling his socks! You can see it all in action via the 3 minute video clip posted on his Robopet blog (see link below).

Although it's a lot more work, and involves adding additional hardware/software to your PC, remote control designs like Robert's hold a tremendous amount of potential. They make the human/robot interface much, much simpler and easy to understand. They provide the ability to redefine and restructure things in a way that fits 'you' rather than the robot designer. And, in the not too distant future, they will enable us to control more than one robot at a time.

Robert just received a brand new Robosapien V2 (he already has quite a robot collection including several of the original Robosapiens, a Roboraptor, and two Robopets), so we're sure there are even more interesting and exciting RDM enhancements in the pipeline. And, who knows, since the RDM can generate IR commands that the existing remote controls can't, he just might uncover some new secret codes to share with all of us. 

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