NUVO Robot in Action (Video)

We had a chance to capture the NUVO robot in action on Saturday. We have to admit, the little guy is amazingly cute . . .

He (we’re assuming that he’s a he until told otherwise) was a lot of fun to watch, and definitely deserves an “A+” for styling. That being said, it’s not clear what really justifies NUVO’s high price tag.

Katsutaka Higa, a managing director of ZMP Inc.– the company responsible for NUVO marketing and sales, told us that they expect the price to come down for later generations of the robot as it becomes more popular and production volumes increase. He mentioned that most customers have been attracted to NUVO’s mobility combined with the built-in camera. People really appreciate the idea of being able to move NUVO around their home while they’re at the office and see what’s going on with the family dog, or discover intruders.

Higa pointing to the built-in camera

A yellow NUVO waving its arms around to ward off intruders while Pino just looks amused.


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