Looking For Robot Inspiration?


When I'm searching for inspiration, new robotics ideas, or just want to enjoy some very cool robot images, there are two places online that I find to be extremely useful and enjoyable. 

Flickr 4 Fotos

The first place I look is flickr.com. Since flickr offers both free and 'pro' accounts, it seems to be an extremely popular location for people to share or just park their photos. I've grown so fond of it that I setup a RSS feed for my newsreader (bloglines) that contains a flickr search for the tag 'robot'. That way, anytime a flickr user posts a new photo and tags it with the 'robot' tag, it automatically shows up in my newsreader queue.

The number of daily flickr robot photos varies quite a bit. Some days there are just a few, but when a major robotics event takes place suddenly 50 or 100 images pop-up. It's a great way to see keep on top of what's happening and get a feel for what people find interesting.

Most flickr users just upload their photos and leave it at that - so you'll find many photos with titles like DSC012478 or whatever title and sequence number their camera automatically generates. But some flickr users get really involved and detail their images with a wealth of background information - almost like blog posts. And, from time to time, they will include the url for their blog or webpage.

DeviantArt 4 Inspir8-shun

Another of my favorite sites for inspiration is Deviant Art. The basic concept is similar to flickr only expanded to include graphics, illustrations, drawings, cartoons, Flash animations, etc. Some of the images get a little bizarre, but the DeviantArt management usually keeps the posters within reasonable bounds. Currently there are over 16 million 'deviations' posted on the site, and roughly 41,000 of them are tagged as 'robot' related.

The search page results come up in groups of 24 images, and I often discover from one to five images on a page that cry out for further investigation or research. If you're really, really into robot art - or any other type of art featured on DeviantArt - many of the artist's works are available as prints, posters, or even on canvas. 

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One thought on “Looking For Robot Inspiration?

  1. i am looking for a robot that is ready for battle like one with blades and other weapons, and i am not looking for the sumo bot.

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