From Art Deco To Robo Deco – Robot Sculptures

Ever looked at a old piece of junk that's been laying in a corner of the garage for years and imagine it as a robot face, or body, or leg? That's what Gorden Bennet seems to do, only he does much more than just day dream about it.

Gordon actually collects 'found objects' - cast off parts from garbage dumps, basements, and anywhere else he can find them, and turns them into works of art - beautiful and often thought provoking robot sculptures that sell for thousands of dollars each.


The typical Bennett robot sculpture is from a foot to a foot and a half tall, and is chock full of delightful personality. And each one comes with it's own unique, serialized manufacturing tag just like a real robot would wear.

They are sculptures though - so don't expect any walking, talking, sumo-like fighting robot behavior. Just the 22nd Century's answer to Art Deco - Robo Deco, pure and simple.

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