Fishing For Birds With Robots

This probably falls under the heading of 'weird robots', though it's weird in an interesting way, not a really strange, far out there way. Suppose you wanted to attract birds, needed a decoy that was realistic enough to make them think it was real, but couldn't use a real bird as bait?

Taxidermy Plus Robot Design


The extremely creative approach was to combine taxidermy with some basic robotics technics. Twenty or thirty years ago, they probably would have just sacrificed a number of small birds to act as prey for the avian predator they wanted to track. But, because of humanitarian and social concerns that wasn't an acceptable approach.

So, they designed and built a robot alternative - a Robo-Lure - so to speak. The robot lure 'flies' on a guy wire, controlled by the operator. It appears from the photos and drawings on the website, that a motor installed in the lure body, drives an eccentric cam that makes the wings flap. The lure exterior was disguised using the preserved remains of a real bird.

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  1. i am a great fan of robots and i want to be a robotic engineer. i just admire the works u people do

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