Elmo-Sapien: The Hack That's Just Waiting To Happen

Wouldn’t it be great if your Robosapien V2 could say more than just the canned jokes and noises it comes with? What if you could have it say your name? What if you could load it up with a whole bunch of your own phrases and jokes?

Nobody’s done it yet – at least that we are aware of – but it’s only a matter of time. All the bits and pieces already exist, and are affordable to most dedicated robot hackers. Here’s the rough concept-

Image00289 + Image00290= Elmo-Sapien!

Mattel’s new “Knows Your Name Elmo” comes complete with voice capability, software that you load on your PC, and a USB interface, and it retails for only $29.99. Don’t think of it as Elmo – think of it as a cheap voice module for your Robosapien V2 or other robot that you want to give speech capability.

People are already hacking Elmo to get control over what he says. For example, Casey Halverson’s SeattleWireless post on Elmo gives a lot of the details he’s discovered about Elmo and the file formats. He says-

“It looks like this Elmo is nothing more than an overgrown audio player in shuffle mode, along with a motorized mouth. It is very, very hackable.”

Come on guys! Who will be the first to bless us with an Elmo-Sapien?

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5 thoughts on “Elmo-Sapien: The Hack That's Just Waiting To Happen

  1. Elmo-sapien? Please tell me you’d give him a different voice. Otherwise I’d have to drop kick the sucker.

  2. e-mail all the information you have on this hack
    and I will do it and then tell you how to do my
    web-site is http://www.evosapien.com I’m on the experts
    list my name is Chance Brown.

  3. need the Elmo software (threw it with packaging) :((( Anyone??

  4. i need Casey Halverson’s details if every one have documents please post to me . thanks!

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