Computerized Android Robot Head

Too bad that Halloween's already past. Robot Maxamilian would be absolutely perfect to scare the pants off of any trick-R-treater that knocked on your door looking for some candy.

Well, who knows? Maybe if you start working on it right now, you might have everything up and working in time for Christmas.

On his website, Patrick M. Rael, explains in great and not-so gory detail, how he designed and built a complete, fully functional android robot head for under $600. His total development process for the robot head took him roughly three months to complete, but since those that follow his trail of breadcrumbs can probably cut his time at least in half if not more.

The robot can even 'see' using two connected eye-cams and servos packed into the robot skull right about where your eyes normally fit.

Needless to say,  batteries and PC are not included.

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