Beyond Here There Be Dragons (Video)

One of the Robopet 'features' is edge detection. In fact, the power switch in his belly has three settings - off, on with edge detection, and on without edge detection. But . . .

And it’s a big ‘but’, sometimes the edge detection doesn’t work quite the way that you might expect. That might be why there are lots of warnings in the manual about being careful with the Robopet near edges.

After a few odd things happened while we were playing with the Robopet, we decided it was time to deep a little deeper into his ability to detect edges in time to do something about it. We ran numerous tests, under varying conditions. Here’s video from one of our tests:

The net result was that two out of three times the robot did, in fact, detect the table edge, then winne and back off. The third time, however, was a definite disaster. We should have put our Evel Knievel Memorial Sofa Pillow on the floor to cushion his fall. He does fly through the air with the greatest of ease – but lands with a resounding crunch.

In our case, the robot survived the fall unharmed, and lived to tell about it. Next time we’ll know better.


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