Robot Builder Profile: Team Cosmos – Champion Robot Builders

We're kicking off a series of Robot Builder Profile articles featuring - guess what? Robot Builders!

The first profile features Team Cosmos, responsible for combat robots that have stacked up an unbelievable string of competition wins, and consistently bring home the bacon, and the trophies.

About Team Cosmos - Champion Robot Builders


Ted Zeiger and Pete Covert - Team Cosmos

Both Ted and Pete live in Colorado. Ted has a background in mechanical engineering and worked on several robotics projects before he and Pete founded Team Cosmos. Pete's expertise is software and got hooked on combat robotics after watching Battlebots on television and as an audience member in Las Vegas '00.

These guys are extremely serious and professional competitors. The quality of their work, and their dedication to the sport, shines through in everything they do, from the design of their robots, the tools and background information they provide on their website, the fantastic combat robot battle videos, and the website itself. 

In their own words:

Pete writes - "Team Cosmos is made up of Ted Zeiger, and myself.  We met back in January of 2001 due to a shared interest in BattleBots, which had just started playing on TV.  Ted had a 60 pound robot about 40% completed, so we joined up and completed the bot.  We went on to compete at Battlebots, where we lost our very first match.  After so many hours of work, being defeated so quickly was almost enough to drop out of the sport completely.

Luckily, we built a few smaller 12 pound robots, and went to another competition.  We did much better there, and decided we liked the smaller combat robots better.  Since then we've built over 20 robots, most of them meant for combat.  We've done much better then either of us would have expected, racking up over 20 first place finishes at various competitions.

We've recently started branching out into non-destructive combat areas, competing in sumo like events (See Ted's impressive "Inhaler" vacuum assisted robot), and Robomagellan, which is an outdoor autonomous goal finding competition."

Just a few of their combat robots-

Helios - 30 lbs

Wins:  52
Losses: 7

Solaris - 12 lbs

Wins:    36
Losses: 10


Corona - 12 lbs

Wins: 3
Losses: 2

And many, many more-


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Team Cosmos - The official website - chock full of combat robot building information, links, events, and fantastic action videos.

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