26th All Japan Micromouse Contest – MIN4 (Video)

Ng Beng Kiat from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore is almost a legend in the Japan Micromouse competitions having taken first place in the Expert Class competitions for the past several years. His robot designs are always surprising and a thing of beauty to watch in action. This year was no exception.

Because his micromouse – MIN4A – had the best time during Saturday’s competition, it had the honor of running after everyone else during the Sunday finals. In the end it missed taking first place by just a small fraction of a second, but Ng Beng Kiat still walked away with 2nd place, a cash prize, a trophy, a big smile, and his well earned reputation still intact.

This video shows MIN4A during its search run (it really does the search that fast – faster than most robots do their speed runs), and then during two speed runs.


5 thoughts on “26th All Japan Micromouse Contest – MIN4 (Video)

  1. I can’t believe the speed of these robots. Man its just amazing the last run on the video is just insane.

  2. Absolutely phenomenal speed, I just can’t believe they don’t crash. All they need to do is make them seek fuel and breed and we have developed a better mouse than nature did, well almost, but it’s faster round a maze :)

  3. damn koooooool.
    it was awsome. i havn’t seen anything like that before.
    great job!!!!

  4. Amazing speed! Doing Singapore proud! Keep it going man!

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