Warning – Not For The Faint Of Heart

I have to warn you, please do not read any further if you are the least little bit squimish. In fact, I had to create this post when my wife was out of the room because she would have either passed out, or hit me over the head with a book.

You’ve all heard about the ‘Ghost in the Machine’, and every programmer has had problems with bugs in his software creations. Well, you’re probably not going to believe this one – but it’s absolutely true.

Garnet Hertz has created the world’s first - get this - 

Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot!

cockroach controlled mobile robot

You’re probably thinking something like, “Oh – big deal, the cockroach probably runs in some wheel like a hamster replacing the robot motor.”


Garnet designed his amazing robot so that the cockroach, and it is one amazingly huge roach, actually is the brains – the controller for the robot. The wonder-roach is suspended slightly above a trackball. As the roach moves around, usually trying to avoid light like any normal self respecting roach would do, it moves the trackball that is then linked to the motor control circuitry.

His website goes into great and gory detail covering everything thing you would ever (or never) want to know about building a cockroach robot. And, if you have a serious interest and would like him to give a presentation and demonstration of the robot, he includes his contact information as well.

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Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot

Many thanks to Sprocket2Cog for passing this on to us. 


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