V2 Shipping!

There are lots of online reports of people actually receiving their V2 orders, so it looks like we're finally off to the races! From what we've seen in the early reports and recent videos - like this one from RoboNexus (Robosapien V2 - Pickup and Toss) the V2 is going to be outrageous.

Update - 10/21/2005: Some sources are shipping, and some aren't. Amazon's page now says it won't be released until February 1, 2006.


One thought on “V2 Shipping!

  1. http://www.amazon.co.uk are still giving a November 1st release date, as are a lot of the shops that turn up in a froogle.google.co.uk search.

    However, if you do a froogle.google.com search, it seem to be only the Sharper Image signature range of V2 that’s available.

    So, to begin with, it seems it’s the bog-standard model that’s to be available in the UK with the Sharper Image one in the US.

    Maybe hurricane’s sunk a shipment or two…

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