The Visible Robosapien

See-thru Robosapien from eToys

It appears that a Robosapien model with a clear plastic, see through body, will be released early in October.

The latest repackaging of last year's hotest selling toy has shown up on the eToys website. They quote availability as of October 3rd, and a price of $79.99.

In many ways it reminds me of the Visible Man and Visible Woman model kits I had as a child. You painted each individual piece - the livers were always a pukey shade of brown, something very close to oxblood shoe polish color. Then the idea was that you would assemble the parts to form a complete male or female model, and hopefully learn a lot of anatomy in the process.

The new Robosapien comes already assembled and hopefully fully functional after you buy and install a boatload full of batteries. It would be intriging to watch as the Robosapien struts his stuff, especially since I am really curious about what is going on inside our favorite Roboguy.

eToys: Clear Robosapien from Wow Wee


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