Most Wanted List

The FBI has their list of Most Wanted criminal suspects, Interpol keeps a similar list, so, why not have a Most Wanted robots list?





Robosapien V2 Robopet Roboraptor Robosapien
Robosapien V2, the latest gang member, is reported to tower over and intimidate his enemies. He has been known to toss objects around when provoked, and practices kung fu type moves with ease.

Robopet does all the undercover work for the robo-gang. Often masquerading as a loveable pet, he can quickly shift his personality from huggable to hostile, frequently lifting his leg on unsuspecting victims.

Roboraptor is the robo-gang enforcer, always on the alert with a keen ear for any tell tale sound or movement, ready to pounce. Although he has a beautiful smile, it masks a set of predator's teeth.
Robosapien, the founder of the robo-gang and defacto robo-Godfather, has a very unusual,  commanding way of walking. He often goes dancing. Beware, his trademark High-5 greeting can instantly turn into a karate chop.


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